10 Reasons You Should Own an NFD

2 min readOct 12, 2022


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NFDomains are packed with useful features — but why should you care? Here are the top 10 reasons you should own an NFD:

1. Simplify crypto transactions

Want to send crypto to someone? Just ask for their NFD! Using a human readable name like “silvio.algo”, instead of a long, complicated wallet address, makes sending crypto easy and fun.

2. Portable, self-sovereign identity

Your avatar, social links and NFT collections… They’re all in one profile that can be used anywhere and kept securely in your wallet.

3. Permanent ownership

If you own your keys, why rent your identity? When you buy an NFD, it’s yours forever. No renewal fees.

4. User-owned data

We’re not big tech. We won’t harvest your data or sell you out to marketers. The information you associate with your NFD is stored transparently on-chain and controlled by you.

5. Optional on-chain / off-chain verifications

You can optionally verify your Discord, Twitter and other accounts enabling you to establish credibility and trust in the ecosystem as a crypto startup, NFT artist, or influencer. Carry your off-chain reputation on-chain & vice versa.

6. Your own custom .algo.xyz redirect

If you own “app.algo”, you get app.algo.xyz too! Each NFD receives it’s own custom URL that takes visitors to your profile by default, and can be set to to any other website or IPFS CID.

7. Empowering creators and collectors

Multiple wallets can be linked to a single NFD enabling creators to connect all of their works under a single profile. Collectors can show off their favorite NFTs or advertise their listings.

8. Suite of integrations

NFDs are built into the Algorand ecosystem with 49 unique integrations, including Pera, MyAlgo and Defly.

9. Multi-chain compatible

We’ve shipped cross-chain compatibility to our platform, enabling wallets to support transactions with your NFD on Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and more!

10. Built on Algorand

Your NFD is future-proof! NFDs are powered by a fast, efficient and climate friendly blockchain. Your on-chain interactions, like changing avatars or adding new addresses, will always complete in seconds and cost fractions of a penny.

What’s your favorite benefit of owning an NFD? Did we miss any? Let us know!

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